Time Line

1452    15 April: Born at Anchiano, near Vinci, Tuscany
1469    Probably moves to Florence and enters the studio of Verrocchio
1472    Member of the Company of St. Luke, Florence
ca. 1473-76    Annunciation, Madonna with the carnation, Ginevra de' Benci
1476    Still in Verrocchio's Studio
1478    January: Commission for altarpiece for Palazzo della Signoria
ca. 1478    Benois Madonna
1481    March: Commission for Adoration of Magi
September: Last payment for Adoration of Magi
ca. 1482    St. Jerome. Moves to Milan
1483    April: Commission for Virgin of the Rocks
ca. 1483-89    Enters service of Ludovico Sforza. Cecilia Gallerani, Portrait of a musician, Louvre Virgin of the Rocks
1487-90    Architectureal work in Milan and Pavia. First anatomical studies
ca. 1489-93    At work on Sforza monument
ca. 1494-97    At work on the Last Supper; probably begins London version of the Virgin of the Rocks
1498    Murals in Sala della Asse, Castello Sforzesco, Milan
1499    December: Leaves Milan
1500    February: In Mantua. Protrait of Isabella d'Este
1501    April: At work on Madonna of the Yarnwinder and a cartoon of Madonna and Child with St Anne
1502-03    Architect, engineer and mapmaker to Cesare Borgia
1503    October: Begins cartoon of the Battle of Anghiari
1504-05    At work on Battle of Anghiari; probably designed Leda and Mona Lisa
1505    Studies of birdflight and geometry
1506-07    Travelling repeatedly between Florence and Milan
1507-08    Winter: Dissection of centenarian in S. Maria Nuova, Florence
1508    Easter: Returns to Milan, in service of Louis XII
1508-13    Studies of anatomy and water. Designs for Trivulzio monument.
Probably begins panel of Madonna and Child with St Anne
1513    September: Leaves Milan
December: In Rome, in the service of Giuliano de, Medici
1514-16    Possibly at work on Madonna and Child with St. Anne, Mona Lisa, Leda, St John the Baptist
1515    In Florence. Studies for new Medici Palace
1516    August: Last record in Rome
1517    January: At Romorantin, France
1517-19    In service of Francis I. Right hand paralysed. Architectural and geometrical studies. Designed for masquerades and equestrian monument. Assistants working on Madonna and Child with St. Anne
1519    2 May: Dies at Amboise
   (Clayton 7)